ALFA GPS founded in 2000 and based in Tallinn, Estonia, Europe.

Today we operate successfully as a distributor in the automotive, marine, recreational and navigational equipment market.
ALFA GPS represents as an authorised dealer a number of world famous brands such as DJI, Magellan, TomTom, Nexus, Silva Outdoor, Gerber, BG, Tallykey, Standart Horizon, NKE, Baltic Lifejacket, Spectra, Yakima, Whispbar.

All brands & products we representative have global reach and relevance. Carried extensively by Hunters, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and for everyone who ventures into the wild. And we are always looking toward the future, where tomorrow’s problems will be solved by the next generation of innovations.

Quality, reliability, innovation. For over 14 years this is what our customers have expected from us. And whether our products are used to save time, save the day, or save a life, ALFA GPS  always delivers.