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This compass complements the nke range of high accuracy sensors.

Its ability to maintain a compass heading with an accuracy better than 2° in varying dynamic conditions (rough sea, sudden change of heading) makes it one of the most accurate compasses on the market. This accuracy is maintained even when the boat is subject to a pitch and roll greater than 30°. In static mode, the accuracy of the compass heading is better than 1°.

This level of accuracy allows the Gyropilot to better maintain its heading, even in moderate sea. For navigators, this new compass accurately positions the radar image in relation to the magnetic heading; it is essential when overlaying the radar image on the cartography.

With its innovative circular design, the Regatta compass is easily mounted on any vertical wall. Waterproof, with its independent cable, it is connected to the bus via a compass interface or directly to the Regatta processor.

In regatta mode, integrated with the Topline bus, it improves the accuracy of the angle and true wind speed by correcting the wind measurements from the heel of the boat.

When the boat heels, the wheels of the anemometer sensor rotate more slowly. True wind is no longer perpendicular, the pressure on the wheels decreases and thus wind speed is pessimistic. Heel calculation allows the correction of apparent wind speed and thus of all calculations for true wind. For example, if the heel angle is not taken into account, an error of 2.5° is detected on the angle of true wind at a 25° heel.

In pilot mode, the compass heading is instantly corrected for the boat’s accelerations.

If the installation comprises a Gyropilot, the pilot (already equipped with a rate gyro) associated with the gyro-compensated Regatta compass improves the steering accuracy.

With a standard fluxgate compass, the compas heading is not corrected for the boat’s accelerations. The signal is filtered to achieve a stable heading, thus leading to a loss in responsiveness and performance. This loss is compensated, though only partially, by the rate gyro integrated in the pilot.

Installation configuration

Installed on the Topline bus, via a Regatta compass interface, heel data are transmitted at a 4Hz frequency, i.e. 4 pieces of information per second.

Directly connected to the Regatta Processor, the data are transmitted 10 times per second (10Hz). This acquisition speed provides a responsive true wind. True wind calculation is also compensated for the heel.

•Resolution: 0,1°
•Startup time: 1 second, adjustable
•Heading refresh rate:
– 4 times/s with compass interface
– 10 times/s on Regatta Processor input
•Max. gyration: 0 to 70° per second
•Measurement range (pitch & roll): ±50°
•Dynamic accuracy (pitch & roll): <1°
•Resolution (pitch & roll): 0.1°
•Voltage: 9V to 16V
•Power consumption: < 220 mA
•Dimensions: Diam. 113 – Height 51mm
•Weight: 290g
•Tightness: IP66
•Certifications/Standards: CE, IPX6, RoHS, IEC60945
•Warranty: 2 years
•Supplied with: support, 10m cable fitted with a connector
•Optional: Regatta compass interface for connection to the BUS.

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