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5.7’’ colour screen with LED technology.
It offers a 160° viewing angle and low consumption controlled by a light sensor.
Integrated NMEA input with incoming sentences monitor page.

nke Multigraphic display :

For the autopilot
•Autopilot direct control (Auto on, Stop, +10°, -10°, +1°, -1°)
•3 pages available: XTE, analogue page, digital page
•Direct access to autopilot settings


For navigation data
•10 configurable pages with 1 to 6 data.
•Graphic, analogue and digital displays can be mixed
•Display the nke bus data or NMEA data
•Direct access to sensor calibration and alarm settings


For safety and fleet tracking
•AIS page with radar-like display of targets
•Parameter display and selection
•Alarm setting
•Dangerous targets list and fleet tracking
•AIS page : zoom screen over a mile (V2.0)
•Displaying the name of class B AIS target (V2.0)
• MOB AIS beacon management: display of the “Man Overboard” equipped with AIS SART beacon on AIS page (V2.0).

Performance functions*

— Tactical Start Screen

This page provides strategic information for the start and on the course. Unlike touch pads that wash out in the sun this is Information you can use and see.
•True Wind Direction and trends.
•Start timer
•Starting line : mark bias.
Displaying the distance, length, and time to the start line. It provides port and starboard line bias in degrees and meter.
•Windward and leeward mark: Graphics help you sail the best course to your mark.

— True Wind calibration tables

True wind tables previously available only in the Regatta Processor are now accessible from the Multigraphic when combined with a High Resolution masthead sensor.

These tables allow the sailor to make corrections to the system that will zero out the disturbances caused by the sail plan. This is commonly known as “upwash”


— Current  calculation

The Multigraphic calculates current set and drift and displays its speed and direction.

*Performance Functions available with the V1.7 software

A new tactical page added for racing sailors

This configurable page provides strategic information for upwind legs (V2.1).
•True wind direction and trends : fast and accurate angle averaged and actual true wind reading.
•GPS, compass, waypoint headings
•Current : direction and strength
•Waypoint : heading and distance to the next mark
•4 datas to choose

Other evolutions
•Lockable Keyboard and display standby
•Alternative display of 2 data in a same line.
•Backlight : dual backlight setting in theme day and night
•Displaying magnetic COG (V2.0)
•A proprietary code : allows blocking sensor settings (V2.0)
•Display dynamic channels from Adréna and Expédition (V2.0).
•Full wind calibration, when used with the HR masthead
•Upwash and downwind speed tables provide accurate fast wind direction function (V2.0)
•6 Hz calculation and update rate (V2.0)
•With Box WiFi : direct adjustment of the WiFi network and displaying the WiFi Key (name, channel) (V2.0)

•Dimensions (H x L x D) : 118 x 192 x 23 mm
•Power consumption: 90 mA without lighting,150 mA with lighting
•Horizontal viewing angle > 160° ; Vertical viewing angle > 120°
•Weight: 750 g (without cable)
•Cable: Length 5 m – Weight 40 g/m

Available in 2 colors :
•Multigraphic white: [90-60-359]
•Multigrahic carbon aspect  : [90-60-399]