Gerber Strap Cutter  FG504 militaar roheline -spetsiaaltööriist takistustest vabanemiseks, näit turvavööd, võrgud, köied jne. MOLLE kinnitus.

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 Gerber Strap Cutter FG504 military -spetsiaaltööriist takistustest vabanemiseks, näit turvavööd, võrgud,riided,  köied jne. MOLLE kinnitus.Spetsiaalne disain võimaldab sõduri tactical kinnastega kiiret  kasutamist.

Roostevaba teras 420HC

With an innovative design that shields the cutting edge, this tool serves its purpose in emergency situations. The 420HC steel hook knife cuts through anything, the molded rubber grip and finger hole add stability, and a glass breaker wastes no time.
Hanging up side down and held in with a seat belt or some other tough nylon strapping? No worries. Cutting through the webbing will be like using a hot knife on soft butter. Simple as that. And no need to worry about cuts or punctures were you don’t want them. The design shields the cutting edge. Protecting delicate surfaces.